Monday, August 10, 2015

Correct tone of Voice

One key thing when in the childcare or daycare field is using the correct tone of voice.


The image above is what children see when you holler and scream at them. It scares them. You do not want the child to be scared of you; the childcare center should be a safe and fun environment for the children to come to each day.You have to remember that they have feelings and emotions just as we do. They might be small, but they are still humans.We don't like to be hollered at and neither do they.


 The correct way in which to use your tone of voice is to speak sternly, but gently and with love. As seen in the picture above, always be at the child's eye level. These are the steps you should take.

  • First, try to redirect the child's attention to another activity. If you are unsuccessful in this. You move on to step two.

  •  Second, come down to the child's eye level using a stern, calm, loving voice and warn the child about their behavior. And give them a chance to correct their behavior. If they continue with their inappropriate behavior, move on to step three.

  • Three, place the child in time out but first explain why. When it comes to time out you want to place the child there according to their age; for example if the child is two it would be two minuets etc. Make sure they are away from any distractions, but where you can watch them.

The main thing to know is as with any situation, is to pick your battles.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Some Common Misconceptions

Quite a few people make common mistakes when getting started in the Child Care Field:

  1. The first misconception is assuming that Childcare and Daycare are the same thing. They are two totally different things.Childcare is a more structured and organized setting consisting of learning centers, dramatic play areas and so forth, while daycare is basically someone or many people watching over and taking care of children.
  2. Whether Daycare or Child Care, it is not an easy task. You have the responsibility of not only ensuring someone else's children's safety, but also that they are properly taken care of.
  3. When working in either setting it is crucial that you discipline with love. You should not at any time hit or use corporal punishment towards them. Instead, try using techniques such as getting down to the child's eye level using a calm and stern voice and warn them about their behavior. Then you proceed with  time out if necessary. One of the best methods that works for me is  redirecting them to another activity. 
If anyone else has any tips for the common mistakes we all make in the Child Care field, then please feel free to share! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Back to the Basics

In my short but growing career in working with children, these are a few of the things that I try to keep in mind on a daily basis when working with children. (And parents.)

First things first, since all children are different and require different needs and care, the first thing you have to have is :


  • Each child has a different temperament, so you have to do whats best for your child. Because you are the only one that really knows them. 

  • It may take trying new techniques. if that's the case, do so with love.

  • At first your child may respond in a unruly manner, but its all due to change. Just as change is difficult for us, so it is for them. So this is where patience really kicks in. You just take a few deep breaths and keep going.
And that's just a few of the aspects of patience that I've learned by working with a variety of children with different personalities, needs, and growths.

And if you have any of your own on this topic, feel free to add your own, or go to the "Share your Stories" page to do so.

Share Your Stories

This page will be a place where you can share your stories, tips, and experiences that you have from working with children.
So feel free to comment!


Hi, my name is Brittany, and I'm a graduate of East Central Community College with an AAS in Early ChildCare Studies. I have a love for children, and a passion to see them grow as individuals and people. Me personally, probably like many of you out there, aren't just content with what we were taught. I look to always better myself and improve upon the knowledge I have, with up to date and current techniques for better taking care of children. With that being said, I made this blog to not only share what I know, but to make a way for others to share the knowledge that they have as well, so that maybe we can all learn from each other, help those just starting out in Child Care, and make this world a better place with the knowledge we've gained.